About pdi

A brief history
Established in 1994, pdi built its foundations in interior design. Along the way, we’ve come to embrace the bigger picture, expanding into property enhancements, architecture and construction. It’s an ongoing journey that we’re proud of, because it equips us to design for your journey.
Building for progress
Design solutions are fluid – they grow with people’s needs. Interiors are interactive – they work in unity with the environment. Which is why we go above and beyond, in designing to fit a client’s brief, support their bigger vision and accommodate their growth.
A business client may aim for an inspiring workplace, which does double duty in attracting new talent and creating business growth. A residential client may be newlyweds preparing for in-laws’ visits, weekend barbecues and having kids, who will then grow into teens. As your needs evolve, our designs sustain them all throughout your journey.
It is this idea that’s reflected in our logo, with its explorative twist, dynamic movement and transforming colour. Which brings us to our philosophy.
Thoughtful design
We are methodical in approach, adaptive to new possibilities, and pay attention to details. We are cohesive in thinking, comprehensive in solving, and design for a higher purpose. We build spaces that bring people together. With environments that shape culture and habits – and ultimately benefit communities.